Natural Baby Photography

Babies..they are my most favorite people to photograph! There is nothing better than sweet baby toes and chunky fingers.  Their peeking eyes and sleepy grins; stretches and yawns.  I would consider myself a "natural baby" photographer.  While little bows and knitted caps are cute, why hide all that sweet baby skin and hair!  My photos are very simple; not fussy and fancy. Let the sweet baby shine.  

Less is better...less clothes, less distractions, less background.  Just baby...with parents and siblings.  

I can't imagine a better baby gift than a newborn photoshoot.  Here are a few pictures from sweet baby Kurt's first photo shoot.  


It's been a long time coming, but I finally decided to set up a website.  I was reading  Fro Knows photos and he provided a discount code to Squarespace.  After spending 15 minutes looking through the Squarespace website, I realized that they provided exactly the "easy to install" services I needed.  Two hours later, was up and running. 

I hope to blog about my photography every once in awhile, or just post a new picture.  If you need any photo services, shoot me an email and let's talk!