Our walls are filled with Marcia's amazing work!  She has followed every moment of our lives together from engagement, to wedding, to each of the boys as newborns!  Her talent captures the cherished moments that you want to remember forever.  Carolyn F.


The photos are beautiful-so authentic and beautifully composed.  Jennie H.


The picture describes him perfectly!  Gabriell V.


They are so great!! Thank you so much for taking them.  He was refusing to get senior pictures until you offered.  I am so thankful that you did!  Britney  A.


Aside from the excellent photos it looks like everyone is having fun! That is a true talent.  Joanie B.


I could not be more thrilled with the photos that Marcia has taken for me. Whether she is photographing us as a a group or individually, it is always easy and enjoyable. She makes her subjects incredibly comfortable, having fun the entire time. And the results are always beautiful! She has a way of capturing our personalities that no one else does. Erin H.